Nathaniel Dolquist – (MT YALE)

Nathaniel is a performing artist and teacher based in New York City.  As an actor, dancer, and singer, he believes that study of the physical instrument is vital to fostering ease and grace in art-making.  

Nathaniel has undergone three major transformations:

In high school near Denver, Colorado, he dropped from 238 pounds to 178 pounds over 18 months with a healthy diet and regular exercise. He realized how much more joy he took in an active lifestyle than a sedentary one.  His triglyceride and cholesterol levels normalized and his insulin resistance disappeared.  His thinking became more hopeful.  He defined discipline as “the ability to stick with something for a long time”.

While studying theater at Yale University, he began training in shotokan karate and lifting weights.  He discovered the joy and challenge of compound lifts and movements.  His thinking became more analytic and intentional.  He defined discipline as “the ability to constantly challenge oneself”.

After moving to New York City to pursue acting, he apprenticed himself to ballet and the Alexander Technique.  Through a combination of the two, he learned to undo old habits and reintegrate along more effective myofascial meridians and spirals.  He cleaned up his nutrition and discovered which foods were healthy for him and which were not.  His thinking became more open, more loving, and less judgmental of others.  His current definition of discipline is “the ability to do what one says one is going to do”.  

Recent credits include the Emcee in Cabaret (Yale), Glen Guglia in The Wedding Singer (Mac-Haydn), First Sailor in Dido and Aeneas (New York City Center), Felicite/Violin in WONDERLAND (Atlantic Theater Company). He has choreographed and performed work for the Broadway and Ballet HERO Awards as well as the new musical Too Naked Too Soon.  He teaches students aged 8 and up; recent graduates of his tutoring program now attend Harvard, NYU Tisch, and Oberlin College.

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