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Beginner Mat Pilates for Dance

Tania Serrano, Pilates teacher and instructor trainer takes dancer Nathaniel Dolquist through a beginner mat Pilates class. Follow along for an introduction to Pilates and a great core workout! All you need is a small towel and a yoga mat if you have one.

Introducing Spirals in Dance Training

Dance instructor Barb Leese introduces the concept of “Spirals” in dance training in discussion with two dancers and a physiotherapist.
With thanks to Performance School of Music and Dance for their studio space.

Spinach Smoothie

Nutritional tips with Sarah Power, Registered Dietician. Fibre, protein and easy to make for fast energy and easy digestion. Learn about nutrients in the different ingredients and options for different fibres. Creating strategies for foundation nutrition to support special needs days.

First Hand Experiences Teaching & Learning

Teacher and student meet for the first time. Hear real stories of personal experience of becoming a performer and a performer becoming a teacher of performers. Dancer educator, Barbara Leese and dancer, Nathaniel Dolquist give guidance for teachers bringing dance to non dancers and performers seeking options to broaden their training. How we can speak a common language to promote healthy training for new dancers. Sharing passions and guidance to break myths and inspire successful, thoughtful dance learning. What are the most effective ways to achieve your goals. Talking about energy and tangible application to performance. How to bring breathing technique and physical patterning into training.

The Foot in Dance

Join physiotherapist Dinah Hampson in an introductory discussion about the anatomy of the foot and how it is used in dance. She will discuss some common problems encountered in dancers feet and some helpful tips and exercises to address them.

Stage Makeup Tutorial

What happens when a professional makeup stylist and a professional ballerina get together to apply stage makeup? The best stage makeup tutorial (in our humble opinion!)

Spiral Introductory Barre

Join Pivotdancer expert, Barb Leese as she takes you through a 20 minute ballet barre emphasizing the use of Spirals to cue alignment throughout the exercises.
Studio: Performance School of Music and Dance

Pumpkin Pie Energy Balls

Why are energy balls so great for dancer’s snacks? Learn all about smart “grab and go” snacks with Registered Dietician Sarah Power RD. Easy to follow, user friendly instruction and nutrition tips. Fibre boosters, calories, nutritional values, portion size, adaptations for food allergies and sensitivities. Bringing people together with food and science in the studio.

Protein Beet & Berry Smoothie

Smoothie options with Registered Dietician, Sarah Power. Antioxidents, good carbohydrate and fibre. Working with frozen fruit and assorted nutritional boosters and tips for adding extra vegetables and protein with vegan options.

Let's Talk About Being a Boy in Ballet

Let’s look at the physical demands of ballet for men and what is involved in partnering. Practical cross training tips for partnering in dance. Pointework for men with appropriate preparation. Language choices for dance educators and how words can impact men in ballet. Ballet culture, collaboration, and finding positive affirmation within ourselves.

Katherine (Kat) Braun – Dance Shoes Trailer - Jazz, Tap, Character.

This video is an invaluable resource for dancers, new teachers and dance parents to know what footwear best suits the dancer for purpose, price, look and feel.

Katherine (Kat) Braun – Ballet Slippers Trailer

This video is an invaluable resource for dancers, new teachers and dance parents to know what footwear best suits the dancer for purpose, price, look and feel.

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