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Makeup differences: stage vs. screen

Rebekah Rimsay, Principal Character Artist for The National Ballet of Canada meets Jessica Haisinger, Toronto based makeup stylist to discuss the basics of stage makeup and how this differs from everyday and screen makeup application. Pivot Dancer:...

Primers and Foundations for Stage

How do you ensure your foundation doesn't melt off while on stage? Jessica Haisinger, Toronto based makeup stylist for TV and film and Rebekah Rimsay, Principal Character Artist for The National Ballet of Canada discuss how to chose primers and foundation...

The Dancer Perspective

What can Pivotdancer bring to you? Pivotdancer expert Nathaniel Dolquist shares his experience in the project and what he hopes to give back to you. The Dancer Perspective from Pivot Dancer on...

Musical Theater and Dance Training

Talk about singing & dancing together with musical theatre performer Nathaniel Dolquist. How do you train to sing and dance together? Tips and stories from the real world. Pivot Dancer: Bringing people together, sharing expertise and adding science to...

Everyone Has a Story

Sometime hearing other people's stories help us understand ourselves better. Dance touches people in different ways and we can learn so much from communicating these stories to each other. Meet Pivotdancer Expert Nathaniel Dolquist and hear his real life...

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Having a balanced dancer physically, not only allows the dancer to improve his/her skills at a faster rate, but it also prevents injuries and creates a smarter dancer. That in my opinion is what the Strong Dancer clinic has as done for my students and continues to do it. Couldn’t be happier!

~ Ida Gerasolo is a professional ballerina, ballet instructor and owner of I.D.A. International Dance Academy.

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